Product Overview

SureSeal Multipurpose Cleaner is ideal for daily cleaning of floors, counter tops and more. It cuts through grease, dirt, food and soap scum on any surface. Ideal for use on marble, granite, quarry tile, slate, travertine, terrazzo, saltillo tile, ceramic, porcelain, and grout. The ph neutral formula will not bite, blush, haze or dull the shine of the surface as can high alkaline all purpose cleaners.

SureSeal Multipurpose Cleaner has been specially formulated so it will not damage protective coatings and sealers and is safe for use on food contact surfaces. Our no rinse formula has a clean citrus fragrance, and optical brighteners that allow the natural beauty of the surfaces to shine through without streaks, smudges, or that annoying rainbow haze other cleaners leave behind.

Our cleaner is sold as a concentrate and should be diluted by mixing 2 to 3 oz. of product per gallon of water. Once mixed, Multipurpose Cleaner can be applied with a sponge, damp mop or appropriate professional cleaning equipment. Simply clean and let dry, rinsing is not necessary.

For heavy duty cleaning of grout and tile, use SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner to remove hard water deposits, rust, soot, mold, mildew, oil, grease, lime deposits, and food stains, virtually any topical contaminate.

Please remember it’s not finished until it sealed, so use the appropriate SureSeal Sealer to receive the most effective protection against stains.

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