Technical Data

SureSeal's Multipurpose Cleaner is ideal for daily cleaning of any surface. The ph neutral formula has been specialy formulated so it will not affect protective coatings and penetrating sealers. It never needs rinsing and will not bite, blush, haze or dull the shine as can other all purpose cleaners.

Benefits and Characteristics
Easy to use and cost effective
Safe and effective on any surface
No rinse formula
PH Nuetral Formula
Will not affect sealers or protective coatings

Satisfaction guaranteed, if not completely satisfied with product performance, when used as directed, contact SureSeal for product replacement or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion. Replacement cost for labor and installation materials such as tile are excluded. Any variance from the terms, misuse or misapplication of the product shall void and nullify this warranty.

Appearance/Odor: A yellow solution with mild citrus scent.

Packaging: Available in 32 oz, and 1 gal. liquid containers

Coverage: One gallon of cleaner will make upto 64 gallons once diluted.

Storage & Disposal: Store in areas inaccessible to children. Do not reuse empty container. Do not cut container with torch as explosion may result. Triple rinse empty container before discarding. Wrap & discard in trash. Disposal practices must comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Note: Consult the SureSeal Grout & Tile Cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet for details regarding Hazardous Properties and Personal Protective Equipment requirements.

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