Directions for Use

For Cleaning With a Damp Mop: Mix 3 ounces of this product per gallon of cool water in a bucket. Damp mop floors and let dry. No rinse needed.

For Heavy Floor Cleaning: Mix 6 oz. of this product per gallon of water.

For Cleaning With An Automatic Scrubber: Mix 2 oz. per gallon of water. In a 15 gallon solution tank, mix 30 oz. of this product in cool water. Use a light cleaning pad. Vacum up. No rinse needed.

For Ultra High Speed Floor Care: Always clean with this product before burnishing. Once it is dry, your clean floor is ready for high speed burnishing.

One gallon of cleaner will make upto 64 gallons once diluted.

While wet, SureSeal Multipurpose Cleaner may make surfaces slippery. Take necessary precautions to prevent falls.

Note: Consult the SureSeal Multipurpose Cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet for details regarding Hazardous Properties and Personal Protective Equipment requirements.

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