Product Overview

You selected a Natural Stone surface for its beauty, longevity, and maintenance-free properties. To maintain the natural beauty of this porous material it must be protected. SureSeal Stone Sealer provides the necessary protection against water and oil-based stains, and alkalis to maintain the natural look and beauty of the stone.

Stone Sealer is the culmination of years of testing and advanced technology. Formulated with exclusive water-based resins, it is equally effective in sealing interior and exterior applications of marble, granite, slate, limestone, agglomerates, brick, grout and other masonry products. This invisible impregnating sealer is absorbed into the interior of the surface where it acts as a repellant to prevent damage while allowing the stone to breathe and release moisture, thus stopping damaging effects of efflorescence and freeze thaw. Stone Sealer also inhibits the growth of mold, and mildew, which may cause discoloration, corrosion and staining. A silicone free product providing U.V. protection it will preserve and not alter the natural look or finish of the surface being protected.

Properly applied Stone Sealer will not puddle or whiten the treated surface. Application can be by brush, roller, pump-up spray can or an airless sprayer on floors, walls, and countertops. One coat is all that is necessary on most surfaces. Expected wear is up to 5 years depending on the use, and maintenance of the surface being protected. Extreme weather conditions, harsh cleaning methods and high-alkaline or solvent-based cleaners will affect the life expectancy of this product.

Weather resistant, non-yellowing, and food safe once dry. The protection provided by SureSeal Stone Sealer is unrivaled in the industry. It is user friendly and economical for both the professional contractor and “do-it-yourself” handyman. Use directly from the container . . . no thinning required.

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