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What is SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer?
SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer is a revolutionary solvent based impregnating sealer utilizing unique resins available only to the SureSeal manufacturer in Australia. It does not contain silicones. Developed from advanced technologies SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer provides unparalleled protection against stains.

Why is SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer superior to competitive products?
It is the only sealer that can be applied to damp grout 20 minutes after installation, or damp tile and requires only one coat. Per square foot, SureSeal is less expensive than competitive products and provides superior protection. SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer was recently awarded the prestigious “2003 Best New Product of the Year” by the Tile Council of Australia.

Does SureSeal effect the curing of the grout?
Absolutely not. SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer allows the grout water to evaporate normally without affecting the manufacturer’s recommended cure time or the quality of the cured grout. SureSeal is breathable and works in the same manner as “Gore-Tex”, by allowing subsurface moisture to escape but will prevent moisture intrusion into the grout or surface being sealed from above. SureSeal also resists efflorescence and freeze thaw damage.

What surfaces can it be applied to?
SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer can be applied to damp grout 20 minutes after installation or cured grout. SureSeal will not affect grout curing time. Apply with confidence to porcelain, unglazed ceramic tile, saltillo tile and quarry tile. Stone tile such as marble, granite, slate, limestone and sandstone and many other surfaces. SureSeal is excellent for stone countertops. Always test in a small inconspicuous area to determine suitability to the surface being applied.

Will it change the appearance?
No, SureSeal is a penetrating sealer that seals the pores and capillaries of the tile and grout and does not have a surface residue such as silicone or acrylic. It does not change the gloss level or affect the coefficient of friction. It is invisible when applied properly. SureSeal is not affected by UV radiation.

How do I apply SureSeal?
SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer is available in a 10 ounce aerosol and one gallon container. Hold the aerosol approximately 6-8 inches away from the surface and apply in a smooth sweeping motion. Wet the surface completely but do not saturate. Gallons can be applied with a brush, roller or a garden pump sprayer. Do not use a sprayer with rubber parts.

Can I apply SureSeal to vertical surfaces?
Absolutely, SureSeal is an excellent sealer for shower walls. It also assists in preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

When applying to grout only, will it leave a visible overspray on the adjacent surfaces?
It is possible on dark colors such as black granite or marble. If this occurs wipe with a Turkish towel or apply a thin coat of SureSeal and wipe with a clean cloth. SureSeal will not harm adjacent carpet, wood or vinyl.

What is the coverage of SureSeal?
Depending on porosity of the surface being sealed and the applicator, the aerosol will seal up to 150 square feet of full coverage and up to 1400 to 2000 linear feet of grout only. One gallon will fully cover up to 1500 square feet and up to 18,000 to 22,000 linear feet of grout.

How soon after application can I use the surface?
SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer is a quick drying sealer that will become invisible on most surfaces within 10 minutes. Light use will be available in approximately 1 hour. However the resins require 24 hours to achieve full cure. When applied in showers do not subject to water for at least 24 hours.

How do I clean a surface treated with SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer?
SureSeal provides excellent protection to stain; however, it does not prevent the surface from becoming dirty. simply use a ph neutral cleaner like SureSeal Multipurpose Cleaner. Do not use harsh cleaning agents such as abrasive powders, ammonia, acids, bleach or abrasive pads.

How often do I need to re-apply SureSeal?
With normal use SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer has an effective life of up to 22 years and does not need to be re-applied unless there is an extraordinary event that damages the surface. See manufacturer’s warranty for details.

What precautions are necessary when applying SureSeal?
Like all solvent based sealers SureSeal is flammable and all necessary precautions should be taken not to apply in the vicinity of open flames such as pilot lights or operating electrical appliances. Protective clothing and a respirator should be used and the area should be well ventilated. SureSeal is quick drying and the odor dissipates rapidly eliminating all hazardous issues quickly. SureSeal is VOC compliant in all 50 States.

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