Product Overview

Graffiti is growing out of control, leaving building owners and municipalities almost powerless to stop it. This alarming problem has caused the birth of a new industry - GRAFFITI CLEANUP AND REMOVAL.

Graffiti Shield has been developed specifically for Property Managers and Business Owners who are constantly bombarded with Graffiti. A culmination of advanced technology and years of testing, it repels both aerosol paints and permanent markers while acting as an invisible sealant. Once Graffiti Shield has been applied to the surface any graffiti can easily be removed with a warm water power washer with a pressure of up to 1200 PSI. Because the graffiti does not stick to the surface, the desired results are not achieved, thus discouraging further attacks by graffiti artist.

Graffiti Shield provides an environmentally-safe, water-based, permanent anti-adhesion composition that is applied clear to any surface. A silicone free product providing U.V. protection, it will preserve and not alter the natural look or finish of the surface being protected. Our advanced formula utilizes exclusive resins to protect cementitious surfaces, stucco, sandstone, stone monuments, metal, wood, painted and unpainted surfaces. Applied by brush, roller, SureSeal Pump Sprayer or an airless sprayer, one coat is all that is necessary on most surfaces.

Graffiti Shield is a penetrating sealer, not a membrane coating and therefore, will not flake or peel off the treated surface. This assures you years of unrivaled success in the ongoing war against graffiti.

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