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SureSeal is a division of Red I Challenge Corp. U.S.A., a worldwide leader for over 35 years in the development and manufacture of impregnators/sealants and protective coatings. Originally from Australia, we expanded our operations to the United States in 1995. Our reputation has been built on the development and manufacture of specialized petroleum and water-based sealants. All of our products utilize exclusive resins, engineered to be VOC compliant and environmentally friendly, while exceeding the highest performance standards in the industry. We are never satisfied with merely achieving the industry standards…we strive to be THE industry standard; that is why we never stop improving our products.

SureSeal’s product offering is anchored by our superior line of petroleum and water-based impregnator/sealants. All of our products are user friendly for both the professional contractor and “do-it-yourself” handyman, as they are practically “goof proof”. They can be used with ease and confidence on all types of porous and non-porous surfaces, including the toughest surfaces to seal such as flagstone, limestone, saltillo tile, brick, concrete, porcelain, marble and granite, etc. The sealing and stain-resistant properties achieved by SureSeal's exclusive resins and technologically advanced formulas have been proven through rigorous tests performed by independent labs. Our UV resistant, silicone-free impregnators provide unmatched stain resistance, without changing the original appearance of the surface being protected. That is the reason they are used in so many commercial and residential applications around the world.

Our flagship product, SureSeal Grout and Tile aerosol sealer, is an industry first. It was released to the US tiling industry several years ago, and just recently introduced to the Australian market. It is quick drying, invisible upon application, and is the first and only sealer that can be used to seal wet grout without jeopardizing or interfering with the grout’s natural curing time. We are very proud to announce that the Australian Tile Council overwhelmingly voted Sure Seal Grout and Tile Aerosol Sealer as the “Best New Product of the Year 2003”.

Another product which is redefining industry standards is Graffiti Shield, a water-based sealant which is invisible upon application, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, and UV light resistant. It provides a tough surface barrier on painted and porous surfaces and metals against the effects of paints, permanent markers, aerosol spray paints, ink, etc. Removal of graffiti is a snap with just a low pressure power washer, eliminating the need for harsh, toxic chemicals to remove unwanted graffiti.

These are just some of the innovative products which are offered by SureSeal. As we move forward, we will continue to develop and manufacture the highest quality products to meet both our customers’ needs and industry standards. We will also provide superior customer service with the imagination and energy demanded to get the job done. All of this will be accomplished while providing unparalleled value and return on investment to our customers.



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