Technical Data

The SureSeal Pump sprayer comes with a heavy duty carrying strap, pin to cone and fan spray tips. It also features a funnel top design for easy filling. We have utilized internal valves and gaskets made of Viton™ along with a chemical resistant hose, heavy duty brass extension and a blow molded tank to construct a sprayer that can hold up to the solvents used in may of our sealers.

Durable chemical resistant hose and valve.
Heavy duty brass extension.
Blow molded tank.
Fully repairable.
Funnel top design for ease of filling.
Viton™ parts - chemical resistance
Pin to cone and fan spray tips are standard.
The professionals choice.

Satisfaction guaranteed, if not completely satisfied with product performance, when used as directed, contact SureSeal for product replacement upon return of the original unit. Replacement cost for labor and installation materials such as tile are excluded. Any variance from the terms, misuse or misapplication of the product shall void and nullify this warranty.

Packaging: 6 Sprayers per case.

Storage: Clean sprayer as directed and store in areas inaccessible to children and out of direct sunlight. Do not cut container with torch as explosion may result.

Note: Consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for products being applied with the sprayer for details regarding Hazardous Properties and Personal Protective Equipment requirements.


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