Product Overview
Now, the professional contractor and "do it yourself" handyman can seal grout and tile quickly and easily. Developed in Australia from advanced technologiesand exclusive resins, SureSeal Tile and Grout Sealer provides superior protection to the toughest porous surfaces such as sandstone, quarry tile, slate, saltillo tile, ceramic, marble, granite and grout. This innovative product forms a bond with the surface to provide unparalleled protection against stains, while retaining the natural beauty of the surface. As an invisible impregnator, it will not change the color or texture of the surface being treated.

A first in the industry, SureSeal can be applied to both dry and damp surfaces, eliminating the need to return several days after grouting a tile job, to seal the grout. It’s fast drying formula is VOC compliant and has the quickest drying time in the industry. Excellent when the area needs to dry quickly for immediate use.

SureSeal can't be beaten, because it is safe to use on all porous surfaces, is cost effective, will not harm glass, aluminum or carpet and is easy to apply. The product comes ready-to-use and can be applied directly from it's convienient aerosol can or by brush, roller, SureSeal Pump Sprayer or an airless sprayer on much larger jobs.

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