Technical Data

SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner contains surfactants, chelating agents and inhibited acid, which penetrate to lift the dirt out of hard to clean grout. It has been designed to restore extremely dirty or weathered tile and masonry flooring in a single application before sealing. Even, black with mildew, grout joints are quickly and easily returned to their original color with SureSeal Grout & Tile Cleaner.

SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner is safe to use on tile and masonry floors. It does not penetrate and weaken the masonry substrate like powerful acids, nor is it capable of burning ceramic tile floors. This product will not damage chrome fixtures, tile and masonry surfaces. Do not use on surfaces which can be affected by mild acids (i.e. marble). It is safe and effective to use on the following surfaces; glazed, unglazed ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain tile, mexican tile, and granite.

SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner is ready to use, and should not be diluted. Simply apply to the surface, agitate and rinse.

Benefits and Characteristics
Easy to use and cost effective
Removes virtually all surface contaminates
Safe for use on tile and masonry surfaces
Will not harm chrome fixtures

SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner is warranted against product defects and workmanship. If not completely satisfied with product performance, when used as directed, contact SureSeal for product replacement or refund of purchase price upon return of unused portion. Replacement cost for labor and installation materials such as tile are excluded. Any variance from the terms, misuse or misapplication of the product shall void and nullify this warranty.

Appearance/Odor: A blue solution with mild dull odor.

Packaging: Available in quart., 1 gal., 5 gal. and 55 gal. liquid containers

Coverage: 600 to 900 sq. ft. /gal. Can be expected depending on the porosity and condition of the surface.

Storage/Shelf Life: Keep in sealed containers in a cool dry place. When properly stored, shelf life is indefinite.

1. Though SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner restores the appearance to most ceramic tile floors, it is incapable of deep cleaning unglazed ceramic tile and penetrating impacted grease.
2. SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner is not a maintenance cleaner. Rather it is designed to restore the appearance to ceramic tile floors. If used repeatedly on the same surface, SureSeal Grout & Tile Cleaner loses its effectiveness. If treated floors get dirty and rapidly lose their appearance, SureSeal Grout & Tile Sealer is recommended to seal the grouting and protect the floor.

Note: Consult the SureSeal Grout & Tile Restoration Cleaner Material Safety Data Sheet for details regarding Hazardous Properties and Personal Protective Equipment requirements.

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